Discover your new benefit: VODECLIC

Dec 05, 2017


There are many benefits in being an emlyon forever alumni lifelong member!
This month, discover "Vodeclic", a brand new e-learning platform available whenever, wherever and however you want. More than one thousand training modules in several languages.

Short videos of 3 to 5 minutes that solves your IT problem in an instant!

A rich and up-to-date catalogue that covers most of the digital, IT and collaborative skills you might need, for work and leisure!

Discover thousands of tutorials on hundreds of applications and software

  • Exercises to put your skills into practice
  • Assessments to evaluate the skills you acquired
  • Badges to promote and share your skills on LinkedIn
  • Notes to Keep on top of your training
  • Timetables to stay organized and learn at your own pace

VODECLIC is available in 7 languages.

Trainings examples:

Excel, Word, Power Point, Prezi, Facebook, Google Slides, Google Sheets, google Analytics, IBM Connections, illustrator, Photoshop, iMovie, InDesign, Instagram, Twitter, keynote, Linkedin, SQL…… Etc.

Are you ready ? Have a look and you will see!


Vodeclic is only available for alumni lifelong members.
Got to the learning Hub website and connect with your usal emlyon forever alumni Login. 




VODECLIC is avalable for emlyon forever alumni lifelong member. Not a lifelong member Yet ? Get your membership on the emlyon forever website in the "membership" Tab!

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