Elise Grandidier of the "Tour des Terroirs" association: "An early maker knows that failure simply means bouncing back and learning from their mistakes"

Feb 15, 2019

Having completed a Bachelor's degree in Culinary Arts and Catering Management and the “Hospitality Entrepreneur” course at the Paul Bocuse Institute, Elise Grandidier (Master's Degree in Entrepreneurship) became Project Manager for student association "Le Tour des Terroirs", in partnership with the Paul Bocuse Institute. Her goal is to promote the gastronomic and cultural potential, and savoir-faire of each of France’s regions, as well as their culinary arts and dining practices.

How has your education at emlyon business school helped you in your work with the association?

emlyon business school really opened my mind. At catering college, we all shared the same passion: gastronomy. At emlyon, among the 45 people in my class, I met engineers, lawyers, and linguists etc. During the first week, I presented my project for the association to my class (in the context of the business creation competition), and four people decided to join me. They were all from  different professional backgrounds. Thanks to them, we successfully launched the association in Metz with an event that attracted 80 people. Moreover, the external vision they provided has meant we have built a reliable economic model for "Le Tour des Terroirs.”

What is an early maker for you?

Someone who gives themselves the means for rapid success in their professional life. It is also someone who knows that failure simply means bouncing back and learning from their mistakes.

If you could recruit anyone in the world to come and support you, who would it be?

A friend. Working with the people we like is fulfilling, motivating and rewarding, but you have to be able to manage work and personal life in that kind of situation.

What advice could you give students to help them better manage an association?

Use your professional network to your advantage!

If you were a dish, what would you be?

I love food to much to cite one only, but let’s say "Burrata":  firm on the outside, soft in the middle!

What struck you most of all about the Paul Bocuse Institute, with which emlyon Business School has a partnership?

Whenever I go back there, it’s like being adopted by a big, beautiful family. You create unbreakable links with so many people there: the chefs, the teachers, the director etc. They all really listen to the students. I am eternally grateful to Mr Fleury, former Director of the Paul Bocuse Institute, who supported me from the start and who also agreed to become President of Le Tour des Terroirs.

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