QUIZ | What alumna / alumnus do you look like ?

May 03, 2019

You are an official member of the extended family of emlyon business school graduates in this city which was once the capital of the Gauls.

The history of Lyon began in the 1st century BC. At that time the city was called Lugdunum which means ‘hill of light’. It is situated at the crossroads of the most important Roman roads of the west.

We have had some fun defining the most representative profiles among our graduate community with reference to the characteristics of the gods of the time!

What are your expectations with regard to this community?

How do you intend to maintain your links with the school and the other students?

By completing our quiz you will find out who you have most in common with.

You are obviously all different and have been trained to adapt continually to your environment…


Over to you !


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