A great annual alumni gathering at the Maison de la Radio Paris

May 21, 2019

Dear alumni,

It was a pleasure to meet you all last Thursday at the Maison de la Radio. 

The evening began in the Agora with a Pitch & Match networking session led by Olivier Debarge (Pitch & Match) and continued in the mythical studio 104 where we were welcomed by Emmanuelle Henry, PGE 2006 graduate and director of prospective studies at Radio France.

During the 90 minute cocktail reception you had an opportunity to meet with others to reminisce, celebrate, laugh and reflect on your achievements.  The evening was punctuated with film music by the Paris Symphonic Orchestra, sound and innovation with 3D binaural immersion.

Guillaume Touze welcomed the new 2018 graduates who were strongly represented in the room and we welcomed them into the extended family to the music from Star Wars!

We now have 32,000 graduates with these new members. Around 40% are based in Ile de France and more than 1/5 live outside of France. Our alumni live in over 120 different countries.38% are women and over 50% are life members. We organise 350 events each year, including around a hundred workshops and career conferences.

Our network is made up of around forty geographical communities (throughout the world and in all the major French regions) and around twenty thematic communities (our clubs). 

Apart from the figures, what counts is the meaning behind our actions and the values upheld by our community in addition to the obvious function of networking.
This meaning can be summarised in 2 words: commitment and links.

Multiple commitment: first of all vis-à-vis the community, as is already being expressed by our 200 volunteers, naturally also vis-à-vis the school (by jurors, speakers, tutors, contributors, etc.) and in the future a commitment that we would like to extend beyond our eco-system under the brand name “Alumni for others”.
As far as links are concerned, we are keen to focus on intergenerational links between alumni (young and more senior graduates) as well as connections between alumni and students. 

In this context, Nathalie Hector, manager of PGE, presented the makers’ factory and the role which alumni may play in this by proposing projects (Alumni Bridge) or offering students one-to-one support (the boosters network).

These essential features of our campaigns will be implemented this year in a new format of events with one in the summer and the other in the winter.
Our 1st alumni summer camp will be held just before the start of the academic year (29 & 30/08) and will be dedicated to volunteers and anyone wishing to join us as ambassadors (from a geographical community or thematic club). This get-together will culminate on August 30th in a gala evening for all our alumni. This will be an opportunity for you to revisit your school and spend an evening on the rooftop terrace of the Ecully campus.

The 2nd unprecedented event will be our alumni global day, which is to be held this year on December 5th during the festival of light. We will be organising a 24 hour round-the-world tour of meetings and festivities in all the major cities in which we have ambassadors. 

Nora Khiyati took us to Casablanca where the campus was inaugurated a few months ago and Elsa Grangier, from the emlyon au féminin club, shared her experiences in the rapidly-growing field of coaching. We would like to thank the 200 volunteers who work so hard alongside us in the clubs and in the four corners of France and beyond. 

The second part of the ceremony, which was co-hosted by Bruce Roch, was dedicated to the presentation of the awards.

Commitment, solidarity, responsibility, contribution and impact are the makers values which drive us and the dimensions that we wish to promote in our network. Among all the groups that we already support, we began by focusing on the major projects of the 3 student associations, Noise, Cheer up and Solidariterre.

Our congratulations go to the 30 alumni finalists and the 2019 prize winners:

  • Clara TREVISIOL, PGE 2011, CEO & founder Monabee winner of the « Entrepreneure » category
  • Diane BINDER, PGE 2003, Vice-President International Development Africa at Suez is the winner of the « Dirigeant(e) » category
  • Thibaut MACHET, PGE 2010, CEO & Founder of PLAYPLAY is the winner of the « Startup » category
  • Philippe ODDOU et Nicolas ESCHERMANN, PGE 1994, co-founders and CEO of the association Sport dans la Ville are the winner of the new category « Alumni for Others »

They were awarded a lion, the trophy of our partner onlylyon, and the opportunity to take part in a training course organised by the executive education division of emlyon business school.

During the course of the evening, you were introduced to our new General Manager Tawhid Chtioui, who outlined the future strategy and had the chance to thank Bernard Belletante sincerely for the transformation that he has brought about and to meet Bruno Bonnell, the President of our school, who rounded off the ceremony by awarding the studio 104 prize.

  • Sidney ROSTAN, PGE 2017, Founder and CEO of BIOXEGY, is the winner of the the studio 104 prize.

The evening continued in the Seine gallery where stands were presented by student organisations, firms led by our alumni and partners and our Forever boutique.   

We would once again like to thank all the participants and congratulate our prize-winners who are a fantastic advert for the values of emlyon business school.

See you in Lyon on August 30th …

The Emlyon Forever Alumni Network Team.


►Find all the pictures of the event here : https://flic.kr/s/aHskRfacBV


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