Alumni makers awards | emlyon alumni receiving their prizes at the annual event at Maison de la Radio

May 21, 2019

We were delighted to present our alumni makers awards on your behalf at the annual graduates’ evening at Maison de la Radio on 9 May. 
30 finalists (individual and in pairs) were in the running; alumni from the classes of 1992 to 2018, prestigious university programmes, MBA, specialist masters, general management programmes, etc. (Re)discover their profiles here!
This 2nd edition, co-hosted by Fabienne Clérot, director of the emlyon business school graduate network, and Bruch Roch, alumni and board member of emlyon forever, was made up of 4 categories: 

  • Manager 
  • Entrepreneur 
  • Start-up 
  • Alumni for Others

A 5th prize, the Studio 104 cup, was awarded at the end of the ceremony based on direct public voting.

Who are our 2019 prize-winning alumni makers?

🏆  Clara TREVISIOL, PGE 2011, co-founder and General Manager of Monabee, is the winner of the “Entrepreneur” category. 
 “When you actually believe in your project, make the right choices and are supported by the right people, entrepreneurship makes complete sense. Monabee has generated 2800% growth over the past 3 years. Our aim with Monabee is to help as many people as possible to produce and consume energy more efficiently.” Clara TREVISIOL.
Monabee is a 100% French solution whose aim is to optimise energy consumption with unique expertise in the photovoltaic sector. 


🏆 Diane BINDER, PGE 2003, International Vice-Chair of  Development Africa with Suez is the winner of the “Manager” category.
 “I have been motivated by 3 main issues during the past fifteen years of my career: the first is Africa and the Mediterranean, the area in which all the issues of the 21st century take root and converge; the second is the environment and climate change where the shared state of urgency could unite humanity; the third is the theme of migration, which is much more than a crisis but rather a new reality which also challenges our identity”.
“If I were to sum up in 3 words what I believe makes a good manager I would say:
-  Awareness: awareness of the world in which we live, regardless of the circles within which we interact, awareness of our ability to act and our responsibility to do so;
-  Spirit: the spirit to refuse the status quo, to be able to change things even when we are told that it is impossible or difficult;
-  Heart: because I firmly believe in doing things with passion and giving action a meaning


🏆  Thibaut MACHET, PGE 2010, CEO & founder of PLAYPLAY is the winner of the “Start-up” category. PLAYPLAY is an innovative, digital, extremely simple solution for the creation of high-quality videos.
“I created the PlayPlay start-up 2 years ago. We currently employ twenty five people and there will be around fifty of us by the end of the year. PlayPlay has developed a video creation solution (...) which combines the extreme simplicity of content creation with the ultra-high quality of the videos produced. Our current aim is to speed up our growth rapidly in the international field.” 
For further information on PlayPlay and to test the solution, please contact Thibaut:


🏆  Philippe ODDOU and Nicolas ESCHERMANN, PGE 1994, co-founders and CEO of the Sport dans la Ville association are the winners of the new “Alumni for Others” category. Sport dans la Ville has been the leading association for integration through sport in France for the past 20 years. 

“Sport dans la ville offers a programme of personal development and success for young people from difficult areas and enables them to join “the race” on the basis of sporting programmes with the aim of finding employment on completion.
Our main challenge, in order to continue to make progress and help our young people to the best of our ability, is to address the issue of sustainable employment.
We will be an official partner of Paris 2024 as part of the “Heritage” programme at the Olympic Games which will provide us with an amazing boost.
Given that Sport dans la Ville developed as a result of entrepreneurship, there is also a 2nd programme which is close to our hearts, namely the “Entrepreneurs in the city” programme which we jointly founded with emlyon business school.
Nicolas Eschermann.


🏆  Sidney ROSTAN, PGE 2017, founder and CEO of BIOXEGY, is the winner of the people’s favourite Studio 104 prize. Bioxegy is a pioneering expert agency in the field of biomimicry whose innovations call upon the most skilful, judicious ingenuity of the R&D laboratories: nature.

“emlyon business school has offered me one of the greatest possibilities in terms of not going for the easy option and not going over old ground. It was whilst I was at emlyon business school that I created Bioxegy. 
Biomimicry is a fairly new concept. One of the greatest challenges facing our civilisation today is that of sustainability. Biomimicry is an obvious solution and one which is offered by nature and 3.8 billion years of research and development. Biomimicry is the ability to draw inspiration from this know-how and the functions and principles which have been developed through nature and biodiversity in order to innovate more intelligently and more sustainably.”   

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