Did you love the first season of Alumni Stories – short, vivid video-portraits that take you to meet alumni engaged worldwide?

Well, here’s Season 2!


Season 2’s topic? Corporate Social Responsibility

Alumni Stories Season 1 was such a success… we simply had to make Season 2!

This year’s theme fits the school’s objectives: CSR, or how to develop a sustainable and benevolent economy that rethinks its impact on the planet and includes women and men in all their diversity.


Every month, you’ll discover a video-portrait of alumni who are both innovative and determined, tackling the challenges of today’s world head-on:

  • On climate emergency
    • Rose-May Lucotte and Santiago Lefebvre: ChangeNOW, the project they launched in 2017, has become the biggest global gathering of pro-planet solutions (S#2 Ep1 : https://youtu.be/OgyNlwYCnh8)
    • Amandine Favier: as Head of Sustainable Finance for WWF Switzerland, she encourages financial actors to align their investment portfolios with the indicators of the UN Global Impact.
  • On education and integration
    • Philippe Oddou and Nicolas Eschermann: Sport dans la Ville, which they founded in 1998, has become France’s leading non-profit association for professional integration through sport.
    • Bruce Roch: The Adecco Group’s Director of CSR and Solidarity is a pioneer of social engagement by corporates, particularly in the areas of education, diversity and disability.
    • Mélanie Viénot joined Projet Voltaire, the French pacesetter in spelling improvement, to launch Fondation Voltaire and back social projects around the French language.
  • On social action
    • Virginie Hils: she’s the founder of Comptoir de Campagne, a French chain of multiservice shops that revitalizes rural areas, supports local economies and maintains the social bond.


Original, 100% Early Makers videos

Alumni Stories are based on a totally novel concept in the business-school community:

  • These video-portraits are not interviews or reports: they’re immersive encounters where the alumni share their projects, emotions and beliefs.
  • The alumni shoot most of the footage themselves on a smartphone, embracing the Early Makers and DIY spirit.
  • New for 2020: emlyon students are involved in filming. Each student selected by non-profit association JET spends three half-days with an alumnus and films their everyday work. It’s a great way to build inter-generational ties and offers a different perspective on the featured person’s activities.


So, don’t miss Alumni Stories, Season 2 – stories that will touch, inspire and surprise you, show you the full scope of CSR, inspire you to act, and make you proud of your school!


And right now, meet Rose-May Lucotte and Santiago Lefebvre, co-founders of ChangeNOW: a compelling project and an awesome performance, with the third edition of a project that stems from a family road trip!

ChangeNOW has become the world’s biggest summit and foremost world expo for pro-planet solutions, with more than 28,000 visitors to Paris’s Grand Palais in January 2020.


English subtitles

Thanks to everyone who’s taking part in Alumni Stories: and special thanks to the alumni who’ve agreed to feature, and to the students whose footage is contributing the project’s overall success!

The Alumni Stories series is produced by the forever network of emlyon business school. It was produced by Corinne Lapras (Corpoé), herself an emlyon alumnus, in partnership with video agency Alunites and non-profit association JET emlyon.


To revisit Season 1: https://emlyonforever.com/page/alumni-stories


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