The EMLYON FOREVER Team Tokyo organized an exceptional annual gathering on November 12, at Villa Fontaine Shiodome Tokyo, with Bernard Belletante, Dean of EMLYON since May 2014, Professor Etsuo Yoneyama and Christèle Fernand, EMLYON FOREVER Director.

Over 40 EMLYON alumni attended the event, a record for the number of guests if we consider 59 as the total number of alumni living and or working in Tokyo.

It was the first time for M. Belletante to meet with the Tokyo community and a great opportunity to announce very good news and the ambitious projects of the school «Nouveaux Territoires 2020» strategy. Etsuo and Christèle also fed us with recent news about the alumni network.

These presentations were followed by a cocktail which was the perfect occasion for us to ask questions to Bernard Belletante, Etsuo and Christèle, and to reinforce our bond with the school, in a very friendly and convivial atmosphere

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