In order to launch its activities for the New Year, the emlyon business school forever community in Abidjan organized a solemn afterwork on Thursday, February 08, 2018.

This event, which brought together about 25 emlyon business school graduates who have now settled in Ivory Coast, was a beautiful opportunity of reunion and relaxation. It was also a chance to review, in a relaxed atmosphere, the projects carried out during the previous year, analyze the successes and learn from the difficulties encountered.

This beautiful meeting was also an opportunity to list the activities to be carried out over the coming months. A definitive program validated with the emlyon business school forever management team will soon be offered to graduates.

Below, you will find a few pictures from this gathering.

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Carole Attoungbre, Achille Koukou and Arnaud Bienvenu N'Goran – your emlyon business school forever Ivory Coast ambassadors


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