Bellow you will find recordings from our webinars ! Powerpoint presentations and podcasts on :

  • How to have vocal impact by Janie Van Hool
  • Networks not networking by Amanda Scott
  • What kind of entrepreneur are you and why it matters by Jane Kenyon
  • How to become a non executive Director by Heather White
  • How to craft a career strategy by Jane Barrett
  • How to get more confidence and keep it by Rhian Sherrington
  • 10 steps to a CV that makes the interview pile by Emma Ford
  • Make great slides and get your message to stick by Simon Morton
  • The changing hiring market and the critical role of Social Media by Tony Restell
  • Entrepreneurship - Theory, Pratice and What Really Happens by Guy Jeremiah
  • Talking Toolbox – How To Be More Engaging When Speaking for Business by Jeremy Nicholas
  • Solutions to your networking challenges, presented by Jane Barrett
  • Networks not networking ! An introduction to Personal Boardroom presented by Amanda Scott
  • How To Use Career Maximiser by Jane Barrett,
  • Coping with change and making positive transitions in our work and life by Dave Barrett,
  • Using social media to search for a job and further your career by Tony Restell,
  • The networking mindset by Andy Lopata
  • How to improve problem solving, creative thinking and decision making by Dr Linda Shaw
  • Telling tales : why stories sell better than facts by Jerey Nicholas
  • How to write and us contracts to build trust and avoid disputes by Sara Fox
  • Using humour in business presentations by Jeremy Nicholas
  •  Using social media to grow your business: what works and what doesn't

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