Benjamin Brion (Moodwork) "At emlyon business school, you can launch your start-up with your teachers!"

Apr 30, 2018

During his Master's degree in Entrepreneurship (2016), Benjamin Brion and a classmate co-founded Moodwork, a professional platform aimed at answering the problem of discontentment in the workplace.

Tell us about Moodwork.

It is an innovative digital solution to help companies improve well-being among employees. Employees fill out a confidential questionnaire that identifies the sources of well-being and discontentment in the workplace. We then offer them a personal development programme adapted to their needs. The information we provide also enables the companies to work with consulting firms to improve their HR policy and avoid making mistakes.

Professional well-being has become a hot topic recently.

The market is not yet fully mature in France, but companies are aware that they need to rethink their organisation and reduce stress among employees to avoid burnout cases. They are influenced by start-ups who innovate to attract and keep their employees, and they realise that their tools are outdated.

How can companies attract employees?

Many companies like to appear in "Great workplace" rankings, but it takes more than a score of score of 60/100 on a well-being index. The business model of a liberated company, for example, is something many companies should look into. These companies redistribute power to employees and involve them in the group's strategy. Teleworking is another interesting avenue, although in France employers are not yet doing enough for employees. But the new generations are moving with the times.

How did Moodwork come into being?

I co-founded it in 2015 with Léopold Denis, a classmate, and Christophe Haag, Professor of Organisational Behaviour at emlyon. Moodwork is rooted in emotional intelligence, which we now know has an impact on well-being, health and performance at work.

We are currently working with large groups in the automotive, energy and telecoms industries, but we are going to target more SMEs.

What do you remember most from your time at emlyon business school?

How well our teachers listened to us! As a student, to have gained the trust of one of our professors to the extent that he launched a start-up with us was immensely gratifying. The school supports us to this day, through the Paris incubator. I’ll never forget the year I spent at the Shanghai campus either.

Do you use the alumni network at all?

Yes, it is so important! We have even signed clients through the school’s network. The emlyon forever alumni network works very well.

What book are you reading at the moment?

The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas.

Do you have a well-being routine?

I like to get to the office early in the morning to work to be able to think calmly and not be in a rush. And I do a lot of sport.

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