First event, first success for emlyon forever Shanghai Digital Club

After Paris, Lyon and London, emlyon forever Digital Club organized, last week, its first Asian event in Shanghai.

The theme “Smart Cars, Smart Cities, Smart Living” was the same as a previous event organized in Paris (, but with a Chinese perspective.

We were delighted to welcome two distinguished speakers:

  • Emmanuel Paget Kellner, Digital Development Director at JC Decaux;
  • and Yanick Yan, Senior Director at Sigfox.

The global automotive industry is at a turning point. More powerful, faster, better designed, more comfortable and safer, cars have constantly evolved since the first Ford T in 1908.

Today, paradigms are changing towards autonomous, connected, electric and shared vehicles.

The automotive industry is at the start of a revolution that goes beyond technology. To contain their growing congestion, cities like Paris and Shanghai have no choice but to embrace new ways of mobility. Smart cities and ‘all-electric’ are an obvious alternative to pollution peaks. Collaborative economy is transforming vehicle ownership and sharing. Our society has become less and less tolerant regarding insecurity, whether on the road or in public transportation.

Brands such as Tesla, DiDi or Easymile benefit from this new momentum to establish a sustainable position on the market. 

How will we adapt ourselves to autonomous cars? Can IA make our cities safer, regulate traffic, and help us sustain a clean lifestyle in expanding cities? Which opportunities could emerge with this global evolution?

Those questions were addressed during the conference.

We would like to thank the speakers and the audience for participating in this interesting debate. The launch of the emlyon forever Shanghai digital club was a great success. We look forward meeting you at our next gathering in China.

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Paris team

  • Stéphane Feuillebois – President Digital Club
  • Francois Hoehlinger – Head of International Development
  • Roxane Labat – Head of International communication

Shanghai team

  • Monia El Cadi – Shanghai lead
  • Sophie Coulon
  • Coralie Segonne

Autres communications