Richard Denis (HD Technology) : "In order to innovate, you have to be constantly listening to the customers and the market"

Sep 17, 2018

Richard Denis (Executive MBA, promotion 90), is President of HD Technology, a pioneering French industrial software company dedicated to the traceability, productivity and quality of products with “MES POLLEN”. With its new solution "FollowBee"*, the company was awarded the Economic Innovation Trophy during the “Fête de l’Entreprise”, held at the beginning of the year. Its President tells us more about his management methods to encourage innovation.


How do you motivate teams on a daily basis to ensure they are in a flux of permanent innovation?

Our sector of activity is permanently changing, so we have to stay abreast of developments and conjure new solutions. To do this, we are always listening to our customers and the market. We invest nearly 15% of our annual turnover in research and development.


What kind of skills do you personally seek in young graduates wanting to work in this sector?

The three basic skills I look for are:


• Technical quality

• Commitment

• Adaptability


But even more than in other sectors, it is essential to be passionate about your job in order to understand the changes.


What does emlyon business school mean to you?

The skills I acquired and have implemented throughout my career, including how to:


• examine my actions and choices

• take risks

• be determined and committed

• be meticulous and demanding


What should an employee definitely NOT do when joining your company?

Behave as if there is nothing left to learn.


What is your favorite app?

Team Gantt, so I can follow my teams’ progress...


Who inspires you every day?

My four daughters, because they are so different… and so demanding and successful!


What are you most proud of in your career?
Having managed to pool my passions: IT, entrepreneurship and team management by taking over HD Technology!


* Follow-Bee is a production monitoring solution with integrated visual management and reporting. More information (link).

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